Réderie d’Amiens

Featuring 700 professional dealers and over 1,300 casual traders, the Réderie d'Amiens is the third largest flea market fair in France

Born in 1909 and institutionalized in the 1960s, the Réderie d’Amiens is the third largest event of its kind in France after La Grande Braderie de Lille and La Braderie du Canal Saint-Martin.

Held twice a year in April and in October, La Réderie d’Amiens is a sprawling, massive market: over 2,000 casual traders, car booters, and locals from all over France – 700 of which are professional antique dealers – exhibit their wares along 8 miles of streets in Amiens’ town center. The Réderie d’Amiens is also a well attended event, as it welcomes between 80,000 and 100,000 visitors. In fact, the Réderie is such a big deal, that all hotels in the city are fully booked out a week before the event!

A spare part to complete an old clock mechanism? An old piece of machinery that is no longer made? Some industrial tools of another age to decorate your home or your garden? If it (once) existed, it could be found at the Réderie d’Amiens. Antique paintings, crockery, old furniture, vintage clothing, rare trinkets, silverware, vintage toys, 50s-70s ceiling lamps, old postcards, French linen, are some of the many items that can be discovered at the Réderie.

All in all, la Réderie d’Amiens offers a fantastic opportunity to flea market enthusiasts and antique lovers from France, Belgium, the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Canada, and (even!) Australia to discover great bargains at low prices, harvest nice vintage & retro items in large quantities, and immerse themselves in an atmosphere the North of France is famous for: warm, friendly and festive.

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2 reviews

  1. Extraordinaire Braderie, qui n’a rien à envier à celle de Lille!!!

  2. The Réderie d’Amiens was as good as ever this year. Found some nice bargains! Well worth the trip from England!

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