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Vintage comic books are one of those collectibles that have steadily increased in value over time. Once a market reserved for connoisseurs and geeks, the collectible comics market is now opening up to a wider base of enthusiasts. The recent good health of the financial markets, including in areas such as crypto-currencies, may have led to a “wealth effect”, encouraging people to open their wallets more for passionate impulse purchases. While a huge portion of vintage comic book purchases is now made online, the best deals are still found in flea markets and antique malls. Rare comic editions that have escaped the eyes of the market are still regularly found there. It takes patience and resilience (and a rather fair amount of luck) to end up finding a rare copy of Detective Comics #27, featuring the debut of Batman, but nothing is impossible. Especially not when it comes to flea markets! You will find on this page the flea markets and antique malls known to sell vintage comics.

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