Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market has a unique multicultural and creative vibe and ranks as one of the finest attractions in London

Welcome to one of London’s finest covered markets and the only one which is set inside a World Heritage Site. Greenwich Market’s seven-day bonanza brings you 120 stalls showing anything and everything including a delphic Palm Reader and a super-hip Hairdresser.

From antiques and collectibles to independent boutiques and well-known fashion brands, at Greenwich Market, you will find the perfect balance of vintage pieces and modern designs. With an excellent choice of continental street food vendors along with gastropubs, cafes, and wine bars there is plenty of delicacies to suit all tastes. Get carried away by the mouthwatering scents of global cuisine whilst enjoying the classical music performed in house by local students.

Antiques and collectibles are the order of business at Greenwich Market on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Fridays are jam-packed as the craft and design team joins the fun, also displaying their pieces on a Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. At the weekend you will also find the artists quarter, where you can meet and chat with the local maestros whose works are being exhibited throughout the many galleries.

The covered arcade at Greenwich Market means whatever the weather, there is sure to be a buzzing atmosphere for all to enjoy. There is a rich heritage of craft and design in the area, and the market is no different. A lot of the pieces are handmade locally and provide the perfect travel souvenir, a nice change from the ordinary kitschy tourist souvenirs offered at other markets. It’s relatively easy to find the perfect gift for a loved one and with the eclectic mix of new designers, it is not just the vintage fans that will go home happy.

Antique days during the week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) are noticeably smaller than the busy weekends. However, this doesn’t detract from the quality. More than 40 stalls and local antique shops selling 20th Century bespoke and restored pieces, fill the hall. And shipping is offered on any item that is too big to carry home. Vintage jewelry and ceramics are plentiful and there is a fantastic local book store offering rare and collectible pieces with extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff on hand.

What Greenwich Market does best is offer a huge selection of tempting food options from around the world. Flea market aficionados will know, often finding a good place to eat after rummaging through endless stalls can sometimes be difficult. Not at Greenwich Market. This truly is a foodie’s fantasy. People from across the whole of London visit here on a weekend just for the food stalls.

Offering a unique mix of old vintage and new modern, the creativity and diversity around Greenwich Market help it stand out as one of London’s most iconic and enjoyable places to visit. With such variety on offer, it is more than possible to restyle your home, your wardrobe, and your children under the same roof. The independent fashion houses offer beautiful dresses, cutting edge tailoring, and even a whole shop dedicated to items made from cork. There are jewelers old and new too, the exciting and talented designers in the market offer a new perspective on the classic vintage pieces. To keep the kids happy, Beadoir is a popular choice to find high-quality jewels your little girl will admire.

When looking to decorate your home, the fabrics and furniture available at Greenwich Market come handmade and beautifully designed to offer a character and warmth difficult to beat. For the art lovers among us, the galleries around the market hall offer an amazing choice of prints, sculptures, and fine art as well as paintings and photography. After a long day around the dusty streets of London, there is no better way to relax than with the handmade and organic skincare and soaps that are readily available throughout the health and beauty salons.

If you are looking for quantity over quality, perhaps Greenwich Market isn’t the ideal place to visit. Smaller than some of its contemporaries, it can be viewed comfortably in just a couple of hours. However, with such a rich history surrounding the site, it is the perfect time to visit some of the many interesting places Greenwich has to offer.

Locals and market traders alike will be happy to tell you that Greenwich Market has a unique multicultural and creative vibe. It is home to a beautiful market with a wide selection of curiosities and modern twists and extremely popular for its handmade gifts, souvenirs, and home ideas. With all this, this is no surprise that the Greenwich Market ranks as one of the finest attractions in London.

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    5 reviews

    1. An ever changing wide variety of products are available here at Greenwich Market. With goods ranging from hand made, meticulously crafted wire figurines to incredible photographs, the market will appeal to many people. The market also hosts a cultural mix food and drink with and is good for a quick bite to a full blown meal. I would definitely recommend this.

    2. We visited the market on a Thursday when the flea market was on it was packed with all sorts of stalls. It also had numerous food stalls selling what looked and smelt like delicious foods from all round the world cooked fresh in front of you. Unfortunately we had just eaten which was a pity as had we know we would have eaten here.

      The building itself is lovely and ornate old wrought iron structure that cane got to down alleyways off the various streets. Each having knick knacky shops.
      Well worth a visit.

    3. Fantastic and varied market. This market is always changing and offers everything from handmade crafts and fair trade toiletries to iconic vintage toys and antiques. The North facing section offers a selection of food, great for lunch and trying something different and surprisingly good value considering its location. The market can be dauntingly crowded but the increasing number of stalls accepting card and PayPal relives the pressure and insecurity of walking around with cash in hand. Overall I would say there is something for everyone in this vibrant market and shopping and browsing here is an enjoyable way to support local suppliers and British made products.

    4. Lovely indoor market with lots of variety. Some reasonably priced goods and one offs. There’s food stalls here as well.

    5. Not worth the trip

      This is quite a trek out there so unless you have a lot of time in London I would give this one a skip. If you are following the 3-days in London itinerary, definitely skip it in favor of doing other activities in London. It will take you 45 min to get out there from central London, so that’s 90 min of just transit time there and back.

      On a Friday, which is when the guide has you going, the stalls were 20% antique/vintage and 80% arts and crafts. Half of the stuff the vintage stalls were selling were tourist vintage: plates commemorating Charles & Diana’s wedding, the Queen’s 50th birthday, flasks, WWII memorabilia.

      The description is correct that there are great food vendor and other shops in the area, but you can also get that in many places in central London for which you don’t need to waste 45 minutes.

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