Greenwood Flea Market

The Greenwood Flea Market is Ark-La-Tex tri-state region's largest indoor flea markets, hosting over 150 climate-controlled indoor booths and 30 outside booths featuring plenty of one of a kind, collectible pieces

The Greenwood Flea Market is Ark-La-Tex (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas) tri-state region’s largest indoor flea markets, with 150 climate-controlled indoor booths and 30 outside booths. Each vendor is independent of course, with their own unique areas of interest and their goods for sale reflect this. It makes for a wonderful variety of items on display, and for many interesting conversations to be had as shoppers stroll from booth to booth. Being open every weekend, visitors that are local to the area may find themselves, regular shoppers, here – what better way to start the weekend than a little bit of treasure hunting?

The indoor area at the Greenwood Flea Market has space for more than 150 vendors. Since Louisiana can get a little hot and sticky, particularly during those summer months, it is a pleasure indeed to be able to indulge one’s shopping and collecting urges in a space with air conditioning, and of course a roof over the head for rainy days. If this does not give visitors enough to choose from, then an additional 30 or more vendors set up their wares on outdoor stalls.

Collectors are certainly not going to be disappointed when visiting the Greenwood Flea Market. Unique items fill every table, and there are plenty of one of a kind, collectible pieces to be found. As well as these kinds of treasures, visitors can also find items that need a little tender loving care, so can get creative with their ideas for upcycling. Many of the vendors are incredibly knowledgeable regarding this kind of work, so have lots of advice for those thinking about dabbling in a little refurbishment.

Pricing at the Greenwood Flea Market tends to run the gambit. Bargains can be found, so it is worth taking some time to canvas as many stalls as possible to get a good idea of what can be found at what kinds of prices. Dealers are sometimes a little reluctant to haggle, but can certainly be talked into it so it is worth persevering for particular items that you can not leave without!

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