Historic US 80 Hwy Sale

For vintage enthusiasts who love road trips and the thrill of the hunt, Historic US 80 Hwy Sale and its 392-mile route from Texas to Mississippi is an ideal yard sale adventure

Spread across picturesque ranches and rural farmland, Historic US 80 Hwy Sale gathers hundreds of vendors in pockets across the route. The event covers nearly 400 miles from Mesquite, Texas through Louisiana to Jackson, Mississippi. Organized by the East Texas Tourism Association, towns along the Texas portion of the trail can be especially active participants.

Visitors can find all sorts of antiques, collectibles, and yard sale items. For example, old farm equipment, tools, vinyl, housewares, and furniture are just some of the goods to expect. Unique pieces can include vintage machines such as carnival style popcorn poppers and coin operated games and dispensers. And what highway yard sale would be complete without toys, bicycles, and handmade crafts.

The Historic US 80 Hwy Sale occurs during ideal seasons for a scenic drive. Typically, the event is held twice a year on the third weekend in April and October. Dates in April can vary, though, depending on the Easter holiday. Hours of operation are flexible too. For the most part, antique dealers and residents begin selling at 8 am and stay open until dark.

For those interested in setting up shop, there is no requirement to register as an official vendor. According to the website, “Anyone can be a vendor by simply having a yard sale in their yard, at their business or setting up in designated vendor places.” Communities also host group sites in fields and parking lots for multiple sellers.

The US 80 bypass is a vintage enthusiast’s dream in its own right. Once known as the “Broadway of America”, it can rival US 66 in American highway folklore. Both famous and notorious historical figures have travelled this path.

Whether in the market for traditional antiques or unexpected keepsakes, Historic US 80 Hwy Sale is a must for vintage pickers.

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