Guildhall Antique Fairs

Guildhall Antique Fairs specializes in organizing markets around the UK for collectors and traders of all things vintage, antique, bespoke and unique

Guildhall Antique Fairs specialize in organizing markets for collectors and traders of all things vintage, antique, bespoke and unique. There is an event to look out for at least once a month, often more frequently, and always in a different location in the UK. These fairs attract many quality vendors, and the events are much anticipated at the different venues that they travel to. Be sure to look them up, and check out when they are coming to a town near you.

Guildhall Antique Fairs manage to hit all the bases with their markets. There are some with hundreds of vendors, some with less than sixty. There are those with regular, professional vendors appealing particularly to tradesmen and those that encourage newbies to come forth and try their hand. Some make a weekend event out of the market with food courts, music and other entertainment and some simply celebrate the antique goods for sale. Which ever kind of market you enjoy, Guildhall Antique Fairs has you covered.

The variety of items that are found for sale at Guildhall Antique Fairs is quite incredible, and to say there is something for everyone is very literally the case! There are old bicycles, antique clocks, jewelery collections, prints and postcards, furniture, artwork, clothing, decorative items, rocking horses and other antique toys, stamp collections, war memorabilia, cabinets, garden furniture and so much more. It is definitely possible to get lost among the wares at these fairs, and it is a pleasure to be so.

The organizers of Guildhall Antique Fairs have a great eye for quality vendors. Whether consummate professionals or leaning towards the amateur side, all items for sale have obviously been curated with great attention and passion for all things old and curious. These fairs are always great entertainment, and should be marked in the calendar annually.

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