Hartville Flea Market

Hartville Flea Market is a 12-acre antique collector’s paradise with more than 800 seasonal merchants and delicious food

If you find yourself in Ohio, driving on Route 619, you will eventually find the Hartville Flea Market. Located in the small town of Hartville, at the heart of the Amish country, this one stop shopping experience for all ages is a true shopping Mecca.

With more than 800 seasonal merchants spread over 12 acres, the selection of antiques & vintage items sold at the Hartville Flea Market is always stunning. Flea market enthusiasts and seasoned shopper should manage to find everything they could ever want or need at pretty much rock bottom prices.

Visitors come from all over stark county to search for a bargain. The variety of vendors at the Hartville Flea Market offers something for just about everyone: antiques, collectibles, coins, hardware, tools, and assorted junk, you name it.

Depending on the season, weather, and which of the 4 days you picked to go, the Hartville flea market can be either extremely busy or going slow. For instance, the earlier you go in the morning, the best stuff you are likely to find, since many vendors at the Hartville flea market start closing up in the early afternoon. However, mornings are usually pretty crowded for the same reason – but the crowd usually tapers off outside around 1 p.m.

The weather also has an influence on the level of attendance: the outside section of the Hartville flea market is less busy on cloudy or colder days. During the warmer months, merchants fill the outside shelter areas and take up parking lot space, in order to sell their wares.

Also, each season brings different products: The covered area in the Hartville flea market is open throughout the year, while the flea market outside is seasonal. During the winter months, the covered area is very busy on Saturdays. However, the busiest time of the year without a doubt is May through September: the summer months bring additional outdoor merchants who tend to have more reasonable priced items compared to their indoor counterparts.

Last but not least, the Hartville Flea Market is particularly active on National Days: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day are the market’s popular days, when vendors come out in droves. In early fall the Hartville Flea Market becomes very festive and there are lots of outside vendors selling apples, pumpkins, decorations and delicious concord grape pies!

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  1. Looking for that just have to have whatever? You will find it at the large indoor/outdoor flea market. This is a great destination even on a cold Ohio day. Check out the large hardware store out front with the indoor row of houses.

  2. We love going to the flea market on the holidays to see what everyone has to share. Sometimes we walk away with good finds other times we go home empty handed. Either way it’s a good day.

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