Hartville Marketplace

A 3 acre indoor, heated and air conditioned, pristine two-story building, with more than 110 individually owned shops

From antiques, collectibles, old hand tools, clothing and home décor, to fresh produce, meats and cheeses, the Hartville MarketPlace is a shopping experience one has to see to believe. No wonder why this market place which began as a local livestock auction in 1939, has become one of Ohio’s largest flea markets & market place and a true antique collector’s paradise!

The Hartville MarketPlace is attached to the eponymous flea market. Its is a 3 acre indoor, heated and air conditioned, pristine two-story building, which hosts more than 110 individually owned shops throughout the year – beware that the indoor MarketPlace only hosts three “antiques” shops of modest interest, but nonetheless worth a visit!

However, the strength of the MarketPlace resides in the variety of food products sold there: fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, chocolates, kettle corn, fruits and vegetables, local honey, fresh roasted nut & coffee… you name it!

The Hartville MarketPlace truly has a little something for everyone and offers all types of in season produce at lower prices than grocery stores. Visitors looking for tasty, locally-grown gourmets can spend hours upon hours just browsing all the different shops and stands!

And the best of all is that food products are fresh, abundant and very reasonable priced, while all of the shop owners are kind and welcoming.

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6 reviews

  1. We enjoyed Hartville flea market. It was probably one of the cleanest flea market we have been to thanks to their paved parking lots. No dust flying around everywhere. There were a lot of unique finds.

  2. There are lots of indoor vendors with new items, antiques, meat market, cheese, snacks, etc. It is a clean market, but nothing exciting. Outdoors they have a large vegetable market where you can always get good buys and in the parking lot vendors set up an old time flea market with used items. Nice way to spend some time, but not much out of the ordinary.

  3. If you live close by, and have time to kill, there is enough variety to make it minimally interesting. However we only saw a couple “above average” vendors in the whole place… one with nursery products; shrubs, bushes, flowers… and one with some great antiques. But most of the farm products didn’t appear to be local and nearly everything was overpriced. In all fairness, there are some permanent shop (inside) that have good selection, and offer some out of the ordinary products. Worth a re-visit around the holidays for that reason.

  4. Love this place!!! Fresh produce for fantastic prices. Can fill two large shopping bags with produce for under $20!! And who doesn’t love flea markets?!

  5. This is a highly organized, clean, well maintained retail shopping area. Most of the dealers are either regulars with a leased indoor location or rented outdoor space. Most of the regular season is kind of bland with specialty shops and food sales, but they do have holiday specials that draw casual dealers (in nearly everything). That’s when it becomes a flea market. In summer, there are are some independent produce and garden sales in their weekday markets. Be prepared for diversity of merchandise – it ain’t all tube socks. We go with regularity in summer — and less frequently in winter. Opinions about the restaurant/snack bar operation vary greatly – that doesn’t seem a bargain.

  6. I eat and shop there during my annual summer visits to Ohio. All of their products are made or grown with good ole fashion Love, care and consideration. Amish people rock in my book. Their traditions and customs may be different than yours, so what, Love and Tolerance of others is the key.

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