Homburger Flohmarkt

Welcoming up to 1500 vendors each month, the Homburger Flohmarkt has been a hallmark of Homburg since 1975, and is still today the largest market of its kind in southwest Germany

Since 1975, the Homburger Flohmarkt has been a hallmark of this city. It is the largest flea market of its kind in southwest Germany, and it really is huge! It welcomes up to 1500 vendors each month, and obviously thousands upon thousands of shoppers make their way through the wares on display. This is a market not to be missed, and visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of bags for bargains.

With so many vendors, the Homburger Flohmarkt is a dream come true for treasure hunters and antique collectors. Quite literally, you never know what you may find here. The hub of the market is located around the city’s town hall (“Rathaus”), though many more stalls are set up in every car park and on every patch of green space that can be seen. The town center is truly transformed, and it is a flea market enthusiasts’ idea of paradise!

Vendors at the Homburger Flohmarkt come from all over Germany and further afield, bringing an eclectic mix of goods from all over Europe and beyond. It also means a variety of languages are spoken here, though it is ideal to have a basic understanding of German to most successfully navigate the stalls and the bargaining.

Most of the business at the Homburger Flohmarkt is done in the morning, so though it is open until the late afternoon it is best to get there early for the best chance to see everything on offer. Some vendors will start packing up around mid-day, so it really is a case of the early bird catching the worm here. Visitors will find old crockery and pottery, antique furniture, vintage china, WW1 and WW2 memorabilia, demijohns, clothes, silverware, glassware, books, LPs, and so much more. Be sure to bring plenty of cash, as there are no ATMs around this market and most vendors prefer cash.

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