Hrelic Flea Market

An exhibition of the Croatian reality, Hrelic flea market is packed with the weirdest things, ranging from memorabilia of the Red Army, to used car parts and old wedding dresses.

Zagreb is home to two major flea markets, each of them with its distinct atmosphere and clientele: one is the Britanski trg Flea Market and its rather fancy antique and collectibles, the other is a huge bric-a-brac which takes place south of the River Sava, at the Hrelić on Sajmišna Cesta.

The Hrelić on Sajmišna cesta Flea Market is an exhibition of the Croatian reality: Everyone sells everything and it is the place where unbelievable bargains and findings can be made.

Located on the outskirts of the city alongside the Sava river, Hrelić flea market takes place twice a week, all year long. Flea market enthusiasts with a gypsy soul or looking for antiques or some unusual souvenirs, should not miss it.

The Hrelić flea market is packed with the weirdest things, ranging from military equipment and memorabilia from the Red Army to old Yugoslavian passports, broken TVs, furniture, Playboy magazines from the 70s, used car parts, bikes, old wedding dresses, second-hand clothes, and thousands of other handy items.

Even though prices are really low – there are many interesting items for as low as 5kn ($0.77) or 10 kn ($1.50) – it is recommended to bargain, as this is a part of the experience of the Hrelić flea market. And after a good bargain, many shoppers and vendors gather to take a break around noon to relish some of the authentic local food and meat dishes on offer at the market.

All in all, Hrelić makes for a noisy, dirty, and fun outing in Zagreb.

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