Jamestown Village Flea Market (OTT FLea)

One of Orange County’s favorite flea market, offering a vast array of collectibles and antiques from all over Southern California

One of Orange County’s favorite flea markets, The Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market offers a vast array of collectibles and antiques from all over Southern California. You may also have heard about it under the name of OTT Vintage Flea Market – OTT standing for Old Town Tustin Jamestown Village.

While perusing the 4-5 aisles / 8-10 rows of this flea market, personal collectors as well as antique shop dealer have been known to uncover rare vintage finds such as antique dolls, vintage toys, old books, retro bikes, old-fashioned typewriters, vintage kitchenware and other fascinating relics at the OTT Flea.

Besides the fact that it hosts a great selection of dealers to shop from – at reasonable prices – the Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market (OTT Flea) offers a more personal experience than some other local flea markets do: the dealers will actually spend time talking to you about an item and where they got it.

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5 reviews

  1. Showed up at the end of the day – bargain time! There were lots of vendors with glassware, jewelry and fantastic knick knacks. Some were priced high, but everyone was ready to bargain! I loved this flea market and will be back!

  2. Hidden treasures waiting to be found! Jamestown Village Flea Market has lots of great things to see and browse through even if you don’t buy anything. Not to small and not too big. Just the right size and the vendors are all welcoming. A great way to spend a Sunday morning strolling through this flea market.

  3. Wow! This flea market is incredible. I found many cabinet cards for my collection. For what I was looking for (cabinet cards, antique letters, framed antique photographs, old books ) the prices were very affordable.

  4. Treasure-hunting once a month! Jamestown Village Flea Market is smaller than other flea markets, but this size is actually perfect for me and my kids. Parking on street, and it makes a nice walk in Old Town Tustin. We usually stop by Cream Pan right there too!

  5. I checked out this flea market with a couple friends and can’t wait to return. Size-wise, this flea market is small and manageable. The vendors are all very friendly and they have a lot of fun and interesting things to peruse. I didn’t really wheel and deal because I felt the prices for the items I was interested in were very fair and reasonable.

    My first time at the flea market I wasn’t looking for anything specific but I did walk away with four items. My prized score was a globe in pristine condition that featured the U.S.S.R. instead of present day Russia for $15!

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