Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market

Since 1982, the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market hosts over 800 vendors selling antiques and vintage on a sunny beach side location, just perfect to walk around and soak up the sea breeze

Right in the heart of Southern California’s patio-living culture (nearly smack-dab between Los Angeles and Orange County), the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market hosts a huge assortment of outdoor furniture, second hand decor, antiques, garden ceramics and statuary.

Lynn and Donald Moger have managed the show, which takes place on the third Sunday of the month at Veterans’ Stadium, since 1982, and they also enforce a 20-year rule, so you know the bounty of Fiestaware and 50s-era Pyrex bowls aren’t recent reproductions.

Over 800 sellers spread out over 20 acres, feature a huge selection of antiques, collectibles and everything Chic, Cheap Unique & Vintage…. all for sale at bargain prices.

Lynn Moger is most proud of the creativity her show inspires, and she says that she’s seen “an old railroad cart purchased for use as a coffee table and vintage file cabinets converted into a bedroom dresser.” One of its best perks? “Real restrooms!” The Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market takes place once a month, rain or shine.

Because of its sunny beach side location and popular beer vendors, the show has a decidedly street fair feel, and locals come by each week just to walk around and soak up the sea breeze.

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6 reviews

  1. Smaller and more manageable than the Rose Bowl but still has stalls and stalls of incredible treasures.

  2. This is a very large Antique Flea market. The weather is always nice but bring a hat and cart. Lots of Smalls and Jewelry. Also some furniture pieces but Rose Bowl Swap meet has more. The nick knacks are more reasonable here then the Rose Bowl. Dealers are nicer here then Rose Bowl. Also admission is half of Rose Bowl. There is lots of parking, good bathrooms. Beer to buy and other treats!

  3. An all day affair. Tons of treasures to be found and bargained for. Lots of free parking. Lots of twists and turns you’d swear you must’ve missed a spot. There is an entrance fee, it costs more to be an early bird. but that’s when all the good stuff is out and a less crowded. They have food and beer (!!). Suggest bringing cash for haggling, and just overall ease of transactions.

    Also, words of advice for newbies: it’s one Sunday a month (the third), plan accordingly (vehicle space, cash, food..etc) and if you see something you absolutely cannot live without, buy it!! Guaranteed it’ll almost always be gone by the time you decide you want it.

  4. Glassware, kitchenware, handcrafted furniture of every style from every part of any century, but especially the middle of last. Dolls, toys, comics, lamps, crystal chandeliers, retro rings, cameo brooches, rhinestones, faux fur, coats, paintings, posters, sculptures and $1 baby succulents. This place is huge, $6 to enter unless they’re running a promo, and just one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning.

  5. One of the area's best!

    I love how well curated this market is! It’s easy to manage because of the layout and the vendors are very friendly. Go early as it gets hot!

  6. Sea breeze ?!

    Great flea market , but anyone expecting to enjoy the ” sea breeze ” will be very disappointed , it’s 5 miles from the beach

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