Junkstock Omaha

Junkstock is known for being one of the best vintage festivals in the country, but most people don’t know that this Midwest flea market started as a small idea of a local dreamer and small business owner.

The origins of Junkstock Omaha could not be more grass-roots. Founded by one lady with an incredible passion for second-hand goods, Junkstock came into being due to a lack of local events for second-hand and thrift enthusiasts. This gap in the market was plugged first of all by a rented chicken coup, then by a small shop and since 2012, as the outfit that it is today.

In the early days, Junkstock Omaha had just 29 vendors, though it quickly turned into a pilgrimage for junk, vintage and handmade lovers from across the country. It quickly grew in size, and now Junkstock Omaha holds 200 vendors and is likely to continue growing! However, it still keeps to its roots, is still a locally owned small business and still retains the true passion for all things second hand, re-purposed and revamped. Junkstock Omaha only sets up a couple of times a year, so be sure to mark the dates in your calendars to not miss out.

Junkstock Omaha is proud of its heritage and states that its roots are peace, love and of course junk. There is a real sense of community surrounding this flea market, and shopping here can feel like walking around a social gathering of old friends. It is a great place to gain inspiration for home decor, and chat with like-minded people for further ideas. It is always amazing what can be made of things that are written off as ‘rubbish’ to the uninitiated!

There is so much more on offer at Junkstock Omaha fairs than just the junk – it is also somewhat of a music and food festival too, so tickets should definitely be purchased for the whole weekend whenever it is running. Bring the whole family, book some accommodation and enjoy everything that is on offer – visitors are guaranteed an awesome time.

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