Iowa’s Antique City

Since 1982, Walnut has capitalized on its status as a fantastic antique city by hosting a yearly Antique Show boasting over 300 dealers, and attracting vendors and shoppers from around the world

Established in 1871, the city of Walnut, Iowa is rich in history, offering a step back in time to the many visitors who stop by year after year. The brick streets are lined with historic buildings, and many of these provide the perfect setting for antique and unique specialty shops. In 1987 Walnut made a name for itself as Iowa’s Antique City, with 15 specialized and professional antique stores in this town that has a resident population of just 900 souls.

Iowa’s Antique City certainly has a reputation of being one of the best locations for antique shopping in Iowa, and also attracts visitors from all over the country, making the small town feel very much like a bustling area. The owners of these specialty stores are incredibly knowledgeable in their fields, so shoppers are guaranteed quality items when looking here for that special treasure. Collectors are most welcome in Walnut, and will always enjoy pleasant conversations with like-minded individuals, and often discover something worth buying!

Since 1982, Walnut has capitalized on its status as a fantastic antique city by hosting the annual Walnut Antique Show, which regularly attracts over 30,000 vendors and shoppers from around the world. This event boasts more than 300 dealers, and displays are replenished daily throughout the duration of the event. The effort that vendors make to ensure that the goods are the very best they can be does not go without notice, and makes this annual event all the more special for all that attend.

The small town spirit of Walnut in Iowa continues to thrive today, and the citizens and merchants of this little village have put Walnut on the map by offering a fun place to visit and an awesome place to live. There are not many towns in the world so devoted to antique goods; Iowa’s Antique City really is something special.

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