Kolbenova Flea Market

The largest flea market in the Czech Republic, Blesi trhy Kolbenova guarantees an off the beaten path flea market shopping experience to those willing to get their hands dirty to find treasures

How best to describe Kolbenova flea market in one word… “Random” would probably be accurate. Of course, there is always an element of relative chaos specific to flea markets in general, which is what makes them so enjoyable to explore and find the order and treasures among the disorder. However, it may take a little more mental preparation to visit Kolbenova than your average flea market.

Kolbenova flea market – “Blesi trhy Kolbenova” in Czech – is a short journey to the former periphery of Prague. It can be reached within 20 minutes with the yellow underground line “B” (station stop “Hloubětín”) or just as fast with either tramway line n° 8 or n° 25 (station stop “U Elektry”). To adjust to the setting and atmosphere of Kolbenova, it is better to take the tramway and watch the scenery deteriorate as the destination comes closer. Hopping off at Kolbenova can seem as though the location must be wrong, but if one is willing to navigate through the makeshift booths, there are treasures to be found at Kolbenova flea market!

Kolbenova is the largest flea market in the Czech Republic and claims to be one of the largest in Europe. More than 650 stalls (if it is accurate to call them so) spread over 50,000 square meters and the area looks a little like a huge disused parking lot. Since the whole market is open air, it is definitely best to visit Kolbenova flea market in fine weather – as many stallholders will not bother to brave the rain.

On a sunny day though, shoppers can be surprised at the unique items on offer. There are historic artifacts, antiques furniture pieces, vintage clothing, books and paintings spread among the topsy-turvy piles and with an early arrival it is certainly possible to find excellent pieces for great prices.

There is a small entry fee of €1 (20 -CZK) to enter the Kolbenova flea market. For the most dedicated flea market shoppers, it is certainly worth it. But those who are after a “sanitized” tourist experience bereft of the realities of life are probably best advised to shop elsewhere.

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  1. Kolbenova fleamarket was hard to find but still ok

    You have to take the yellow subway line to Czerny most but don’t get off at Kolbenova, get off at the next stop, Hloubetin. Now the fun starts. You now have to take a tram for 2 stops but there are no signs no directions, nada. So we ended up following all the others who got off the subway when they crossed the road and walked 1/2 mile to the flea market gate. Not a sign or directional arrow to be seen, no info whatever on how to get back! Easiest way to go back to the city was by Uber, around $10 and worth it. Flea market was fine, very utilitarian but a goodly mix of old stuff and new. Lots of clothing, groceries, shoes plus a fair amount of collectibles and some outright drek, not unlike most flea markets we’ve attended.

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