Bazar na Kole

The Koło Bazar boasts a hodgepodge of top-notch period furniture, so-so quality antiques and other objects of desire

Located on the outlying area of Warsaw, the Kolo flea market or Bazar na Kole boasts a hodgepodge of top-notch period furniture, so-so quality antiques and other objects of desire. Twice a week, this large outdoor market attracts buyers and sellers from across the country, eager to spend a few hours shifting through heaps of discarded objects and pondering their purchases in food and beverage stands that dish up standard home-style meals.

Kolo flea market is a haven for collectors of all kinds of objects, and offers a wide selection of both antiques and other artifacts of the past – some fakes. Apart from a wide range of “typical” flea market merchandises ranging from kitchen appliances, and old paintings, to coins, silverware, vinyl records, stamps, watches, clocks, furniture, pottery, glass, silver, paintings, advertising pre-war posters, early 19th century postcards, prewar bathroom fixtures, sculpture, rusted WW1 Prussian helmets, ammo boxes, shell casings, and thousands of other things found in the county’s basements, what distinguishes the Kolo flea market from other flea markets like in Paris or London, is furniture.

This is what foreigners who come to Kolo, actually seek. Many flea market enthusiasts in Poland and foreign collectors believe that nowhere else in Europe, there’s a flea market that offers such a variety and quality of furniture at an affordable price, like in Kolo.

Also, one shouldn’t get discouraged by the prices asked by the vendors, as these are the opening bids. As in Paris or London, you may be able to get to half of the initial price by following the golden rule of flea markets: “Haggle at all times”. Paying the price asked by merchants means overpaying.  Last but not least, always try and make sure that you are paying for real treasure and not fakes!

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3 reviews

  1. Big area with several permanent booths and temporary displays. Ranging from antique weapons to modern plastic trash… Relaxed atmosphere. Do go there around 10am on weekends.

  2. Definitely go there when it’s not raining, as Bazar na Kole is open air. They sell a lot of different things, some junk, but all the army-stuff really stood out!

  3. An enclosed area with a few dozen outdoor vendors, plus a circle of vendors in the surrounding streets. Find lots of crystal-ware, silver, historic stuff, even great large piece furniture. Sadly, both Nazi memorabilia and desecrated Jewish Torah scrolls are included. I would say at least 50% of the bazar is still authentic, and much worth a visit.

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