Kyiv Antique Market

The Kyiv Antique Market has become a serious location for antique aficionados and collectors of all kinds of historical relics, ranging from Soviet memorabilia and medals to vintage toys, antique postcards & photographs, coins, and so much more

Often in Ukraine, the clue that there is something fantastic hiding in the area is the crowd of smokers outside. And this is exactly what visitors to the Kyiv Antique Market will find. The location has bounced around over the years, though now this event seems to have settled in Kyiv’s Expo Center. Tourists without a grasp of the language may want to find a local guide to join them on an excursion here – this antique market is usually bustling, full of treasures, and with every vendor ready to haggle over their wares.

The Kyiv Antique Market has become a serious location for antique aficionados and collectors of all kinds of historical relics. This is a market for early risers, as doors open at 4 am and by this time vendors are already set up and ready for sale. During these hours before dawn, often the best deals are made, so anyone who hits this market with something specific in their heart’s desires should make sure they are there when doors open.

The vendors at the Kyiv Antique Market are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to antiques and the history of the city. If you speak the language, this is a great market to visit to learn more about Kyiv and to pick up a truly meaningful souvenir. Kyiv has a few fantastic antique shops and often the owners of these shops will pack up their wares to load up a stall at the monthly antique market.

Shopping at the Kyiv Antique Market can be a little exhausting, but luckily there are stalls with refreshments clustered around the entrance to the building. It seems like this is also where the most expensive goods are laid out, so visitors should not be put off by the prices on the first few stalls that they see. Visitors will find vintage toys, medals, old Soviet memorabilia, vintage postcards, photographs, coins, and so much more.

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