Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market

One of the larger markets in Colorado, Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market displays excellent vintage treasures from the early 50s up until present day that will be pulling at your nostalgia

Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market is one of the larger markets in Colorado. It is popular with both sellers and shoppers, and displays goods from the early 50s up until present day. There are some excellent vintage treasures waiting to be uncovered here, and plenty of stands that will be pulling at your nostalgia. Come along and get lost in this market, and your memories.

Those that love a bargain are going to be right at home at Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market. There are some great prices to be found, and vendors that clearly enjoy the ambitious bargainer at their stalls. Since it is open almost every day, the vendors do well to move their stock around and ensure that there are fresh treats to be found really regularly, so flea market enthusiasts can visit as often as they like and still always find something new to tempt them.

One of the best things about Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market is the range of items that can be found there. Whatever shoppers may be interested in, it is sure to be found in one form or another at this flea market. There are lots of vinyls, antiques, vintage kitchen gadgets, music instruments, jewelry, toys, typewriters, furniture and much more. Collectors and casual browsers alike love this place, and after you have been you will see why.

Vendors at Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market and incredibly friendly, and really know their stuff. There is no pressure to buy though. Visitors are most welcome to casually stroll around, take in the sights, handle the goods and enjoy the stories behind them, without any stress from the vendors. It makes it the perfect place to come for a relaxing few hours, reminiscing about the past and for sure buying a few things that one does not really need but of course absolutely must have.

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