Larry’s Antiques and Things

With five different buildings housing all kinds of antiques and curios over two acres, Larry's Antiques and Things has a reputation as one of the best antique and vintage shops in Arizona

The building that houses Larry’s Antiques and Things could not be more fitting for the merchandise. Taking up a space of two acres, the historical building attracts visitors in its own right as it was the first commercial building to be erected in the town of Cottonwood in 1895. It has had many uses over the years, with lots of these depicted in historical photographs inside the store, and Larry’s Antiques and Things now has a reputation as one of the best antique and vintage shops in the state.

Collectors, of course, form a significant amount of the regular customer base that visits Larry’s Antiques and Things and are always hoping to find that exclusive treasure to add to their wares. Visitors come from both the local area and from out of state, and many browse through the store rather than pay a visit to local museums! There are now five different buildings housing all the antiques and curios, and it can definitely take a whole day to make your way through all these amazing and eclectic areas.

It is not just the different buildings that Larry’s Antiques and Things takes advantage of for displaying its goods. The surrounding grounds and the walls themselves pay homage to the world of vintage and collectables. A great deal of Native American arts and crafts can be perused here, as well as items related to cowboys and the old West, providing a real glimpse into American history. Americana a-plenty is for sale too, alongside antique paintings, farm implements, tools, china-ware, jewelery, furniture and so much more. This store really needs to be seen to be believed.

​The owner of Larry’s Antiques and Things is a real aficionado of all things related to American history, and therefore of all items under his roofs. He helps with curation of items for local museum collections and is a fountain of knowledge. All that visit his store are certain to learn a little history, and probably gain a few items for their homes.

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