Les Puces de Saint Michel

Set in the shadows of the majestic 14th-century Saint-Michel basilica and its bell tower, Les Puces de St Michel buzzes four times a week with dealers, collectors and enthusiasts.

A city of multiple faces, elegant and modern, Bordeaux is a flagship destination of the moment. And if it’s above all renown for its wine and its culinary culture, Bordeaux is also a haven for flea markets and antique lovers.

From its weekly Les Puces de Saint Michel flea market to its quarterly Grands Déballages, or its famous bi-annual Foire à la Brocante des Quinconces, Bordeaux has much to offer to antique enthusiasts all year long. The city even permanently hosts 20 antiques & flea market dealers in the 650m² area of the Passage St Michel!

For the early birds, a regular day in Bordeaux will invariably start in the unmissable neighborhood of Les Capucins. Indeed, the famous Marché des Capucins delights its visitors with a large variety of fresh regional products, homemade cakes, and typical Bordeaux specialties at very affordable prices.

Once you have strolled the market long enough and your basket is now filled with flavors, continue in the direction of the Place Meynard / Place Canteloup. In the shadows of the majestic 14th-century Saint-Michel basilica and its bell tower, both squares are transformed four times a week into a huge open-air flea market.

Known as Les Puces de Saint Michel, this famous little flea market gives visitors a chance to see another side to Bordeaux that perhaps the tourist brochures often overlook. This once-rundown corner of Bordeaux nowadays buzzes with dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts, leaving little room for passers-by. Between the unusual objects, the tapestries, and the vinyl, flea market enthusiasts will have their curiosity quickly satisfied at Les Puces de Saint Michel.

And when you thought you had seen it all, enter Les Brocanteurs du Passage Saint Michel. In the 18th-century townhouses and warehouses set along the Place Canteloup, a group of 19 antique dealers has set up permanent shops showcasing a broad variety of merchandise, from the unusual and the precious, to the rare, and useful.

In addition to its weekly flea market, the city of Bordeaux hosts four times a year a larger flea market fair. Dubbed the “Grand Déballage des Puces de Saint Michel”, this flea market extravaganza gathers hundreds of professional and private antique vendors spreading their wares around the majestic 14th-century Saint-Michel basilica and its bell tower. Only vintage merchandise and antiques can be sold during the “Grand Déballage”.

Once you consider your business done, it’s time for you to have a laid-back lunch at the beautiful galleried bistro of Le Passage Saint Michel. You will have the opportunity to try south-western classics such as salade de gésiers de canard confits and the magret de canard grillé, accompanied by a glass of red wine. Now you can call it a day.

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