L’Entrepôt Saint-Germain

Since 1986, L'Entrepôt Saint-Germain and its 4000 square feet of space dedicated to vintage and antique treasures has been delighting casual shoppers and serious collectors in Bordeaux with its stock of quality antique and vintage items

Since 1986, L’Entrepôt Saint-Germain has been delighting casual shoppers and serious collectors with its stock of quality antique and vintage items. Die-hard fans may still refer to it by its old name, Flash Antiques Flea Market, though the store has been trading under its new name since 2015. The owners of this store have a special passion for vintage goods from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, though their vast experience means that they never overlook beautiful antiques. Anything old, unique, and collectible can find its way into this store!

With a prime location near Bordeaux‘s train station, L’Entrepôt Saint-Germain is really easy to find for both locals and tourists. From the outside, the store is rather unassuming and does not drop any particular hints as to the large area of vintage goods it is concealing. The warehouse spreads out, with close to 4000 square feet of space dedicated to vintage and antique treasures. It is not a busy shopping street and the store is not flanked by others, but stands alone and almost blends in with the surrounding residential buildings. This somehow makes it all the more special when you step inside.

The owners of L’Entrepôt Saint-Germain have taken great care to organize the store in such a way that it is intuitive for visitors to find their way around, and all the items are arranged according to type. Old storefronts from the years 1900 to 1950 have been entirely reassembled in the warehouse, which gives an unparalleled charm to this antique and vintage store. The reception area in the entrance is filled with vintage furniture, alongside a special display of toys and games.

Taking the stairs to the first floor brings shoppers to oil paintings, vinyl records, and assorted curios and trinkets. Other spaces are dedicated to tools, items of clothing, and a flea market area with very random second-hand items of interest. With so much to explore, it is impossible to leave this store empty-handed.

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