Les Puces Rouennaises

One of the largest antique and second-hand marketplace in the whole of Western France, the twice-yearly Puces Rouennaises market and its 200 vendors has come to be associated with high-quality goods and excellent bargains

The famed Puces Rouennaises is probably the largest antique and second-hand marketplace in the whole of Western France. It has been an annual event in this town for many years now and is much anticipated by shoppers, collectors and the vendors of course. Those with an enthusiasm for vintage and antiques should check out the dates and make sure they do not miss out on this yearly celebration.

Les Puces Rouennaises market has come to be associated with high-quality goods and excellent bargains. More than 200 vendors set up their stalls at this market, which makes for a huge selection of items up for sale. Vendors come from all across France, and some journey to this market from as far as the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, as such is the reputation here and the guaranteed crowds. It creates a fantastic mixing pot of different tastes, and a wide variety of collectible items can be found here.

The goods for sale at Les Puces Rouennaises range from antique furniture to small trinkets with a little bit of everything in between. Some of the objects found here are unique and of extremely high quality. Many of the visitors to this market come with their own knowledge of all things antique and search through the stalls with specific collectibles in mind. However, if you do not consider yourself a professional antique hunter, fret not – there are several experts on hand at this market to provide information and advice, making it the perfect shopping stop for those just dipping their toes into the world of vintage and antique rarities.

Les Puces Rouennaises takes place over four days each year, which allows plenty of time for all stalls to be explored. The first day of the event is exclusively accessible to professional antique dealers who can peruse the goods on sale with their peers. This area of France being particularly beautiful, antiquing aficionados may want to make a long weekend out of this market to explore a little of the local area once all bargains have been secured.

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