Lost And Found Market

Lost And Found Market is a weekend favorite in Melbourne, featuring a huge 1000 sqm venue full of vintage furniture, lighting, art, fashion, books, records and bric-a-brac

A weekend favorite in Melbourne is the Lost And Found Market. Settled in a massive warehouse right in the heart of the Fitzroy vintage precinct – this market will strike you from the moment you walk in.

Nestled in a mind blowing 1000 square meters are stores upon stores offering the usual vintage market goods but on a somewhat larger scale.

Lost And Found Market specialisms lie in vintage clothing and furniture, the eye catching displays offer an awe-inspiring glimpse into the recent past, a time capsule unearthed and full of inspiring and beautiful items to decorate any home. Art Deco furniture pieces are here in abundance, and they don’t come at much of a cost.

It is no surprise the people of Melbourne have followed Lost And Found Market through its location changes over the years. It was Collingwood’s vintage shopping haven – it didn’t take long for the Brunswick’s incarnation to grab the same title.

The huge warehouse is packed to the rafters with vintage furniture and bric-a-brac scattered alongside the more traditional vintage clothing, shoes, old records and classic books. And when you have managed to take all of this in – the basement area at Lost And Found Market boasts an enormous collection of even more vintage clothing.

Due to its size, frequency and popularity, stock at Lost And Found Market turns over regularly, so it is always worth repeat visits when looking for something unique. Also, again due to the scale, competition is high which keeps prices and a respectable level. Lost And Found Market can be a gold mine for those interested in vintage vinyls or classic books.

It takes time and dedication to search through the whole market and each store offers something to catch the eye. Everything goes here, old typewriters, vintage telephones, antique cabinets, historical figures, old-fashioned coins and stamps. Whatever your interest is focused on, Lost And Found Market has it. To brighten up the darkest days, there is a great selection of music being played throughout the building adding an enjoyable atmosphere.

Lost And Found Market is famous for its bargains, its ambience and its ability to dazzle and amaze its visitors. If you are new to the area, it is easy to arrive and find enough furniture to decorate your flat with traders even delivering larger items. If you have been to Lost And Found Market a multitude of times, you are sure to find something new this weekend.

Easy to locate through the tram system and with a host of pleasant cafes near-by. It makes perfect sense to have Lost And Found Market on your weekend schedule as often as possible. The nostalgia and atmosphere in the air make this a must.

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