Village des Puces de Fifiturin

The Village des Puces de Fifiturin is a quaint gathering of specialized stores along rue Fifi-Turin that has made quite a name for itself in the world of collectors and collectables in Marseilles

Those that love antique and vintage vibes are a little spoiled for choice in Marseille. However, nowhere is the setting more charming than the Village des puces de Fifiturin. Also known as Marseilles Antiques – The Antiques Village, this quaint gathering of specialized stores in the Capelette district has made quite a name for itself in the world of collectors and collectables. Anyone searching for that elusive addition to their collection, or perhaps simply wanting a souvenir that has a true story behind it will definitely want to stop in all of the shops here.

The shop owners and traders found in the Village des Puces de Fifiturin / Marseilles Antiques are professionals living and breathing the world of vintage and antiques. What they do not know about the items they have for sale is probably not worth knowing! Anyone dipping their toes into this world of nostalgia will find all their questions answered here and will definitely find more than a few things that catch the eye. Visitors here will find it impossible to leave the area without at least a few trinkets to take home.

High end antiques can be found in the Village des Puces de Fifiturin, and stores such as Trianon Antiquités or Les puces de Fifi stock a wide and wonderful range. There are sculptures, watches and clocks, paintings, furniture, lighting fixtures and many more pieces on display here. Other fascinating goods are on offer at L’Aigle Impériale, which curates its collection largely from estates and estate sales. Smaller stores can be found too, with everything from clothing to toys on offer.

With so many unique pieces spread through the various stores, it is easy to lose a day in the Village des Puces de Fifiturin. And what better way to spend a day! Luckily there are some lovely cafes and restaurants close by to the shopping street, so refreshments are always close at hand.

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