Mercadillo El Jueves

One of the oldest existing markets in Europe, Mercadillo El Jueves is also one of the largest flea markets in Seville, and has a reputation throughout Spain as a fun, eclectic and must-see market

Seville has a reputation as being rather up market, with the locals showing an appreciation for the finer things in life. This does not mean that a good antique market is not embraced here; indeed this city is the home of Mercadillo El Jueves, one of the oldest existing markets in Europe. Its exact origin remains unknown, but it is suspected to have been trading since the 13th century, before the Conquest of al-Andalus by Ferdinand III of Castilla. This is a market obviously steeped in history, and is a joy to walk around.

The Mercadillo El Jueves has been a weekly event in Calle Feria for as long as anyone can remember. It is one of the largest and most colorful flea markets in the city, and has a reputation throughout Spain as a fun, eclectic and must-see market. Those that love collecting any number of random bits and bobs are going to find satisfaction here, as will anyone that enjoys rummaging through knick-knacks or simply soaking up a wonderful, friendly atmosphere. Buying is definitely not compulsory to enjoy this flea market, but it is certainly hard to leave empty handed!

One of the things that keeps visitors coming back week after week to Mercadillo El Jueves is the wide range of items for sale. Though officially an antiques market, there is so much more on offer. Shoppers can find flamenco dresses, books, ornaments, paintings, toys, sculptures, plants, sewing machines, old barbers’ chairs andbirdcages. There are also more modern gadgets and gizmos such as CDs, recycled fixtures and fittings, lava lamps and computer consoles.

The Mercadillo El Jueves is the perfect place to go souvenir shopping, bargain hunting or searching for that missing piece from a collection. You never know what you might find here. Though it is a weekly market, there is always something new to see here. Even regular visitors will never be bored.

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