Mercat Gòtic Barcelona

Mercat Gòtic is a quaint, well-stocked flea market in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. Find colourful ceramics, old postcards and intricate Silver jewellery

Every day (except August) since 1978 Mercat Gòtic flea market comes to life. Vendors set up their stalls selling all manner of things and eclectic curiosities to seduce vintage fans. With only 30 antique merchants, the market is fairly small in comparison to some of the other flea markets in Barcelona. However, it may be small but it is definitely mighty!

Located in the Barri Gòtic area of Barcelona, this market is set on the Plaza Nova, which is an extension of the Plaza Seu in front of the old Cathedral of Barcelona. The area is buzzing with lively events and creative influences. Every time you turn a corner there is a new (old) object staring right back at you. Mercat Gòtic is almost overflowing with their selection of vintage wares. Expect to find items such as, crystal champagne flutes, hand-painted fine bone china, war memorabilia and grand mirrors with ornate frames.

The friendly atmosphere that Mercat Gòtic radiates is enough to entice antique shoppers from all over the city. Vendors and customers chit chat whilst browsing the items and stop every now and again for a sit down with a refreshing drink and satisfying bite to eat. It’s very easy to snap up a bargain here, don’t be afraid to haggle with the sellers. They are happy to negotiate and reach a price that both parties are happy with.

For an inspiring afternoon surrounded by bundles of vintage gems and fine antiques, visit Mercat Gòtic. It’s very rare that someone leaves this place without a treasure under their arm!

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