Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio

Venice is a wonderfully unique city and Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Mauriziocaptures its spirit entirely. Browse hundreds of stalls stocked with antique wood carvings, ceramics and delicate glassware.

A visit to Venice is incomplete without heading over to the Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio. It first opened its doors in the 1970s and is still going strong. Make sure that you time your trip to the Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio carefully however, because this antique wonderland is only open for five weekends every year. This antique market is available to roam from 09:00 right through until 19:00 over three consecutive days.

The Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio is located in San Marco, just a stone’s throw away from Campo Santo Stefano. The spacious land overlooks the classical church of San Maurizio as well as numerous palaces, including Palazzo Bellavite, which was home to poets Giorgio Baffo and Alessandro Manzoni, who lived there for a year during the 19th century.

Adjacent to the Palazzo Bellavite stands the Molin Palazzo, a 15th century grand Gothic structure. The view in this vicinity is without a doubt awe-inspiring, putting you in the perfect mood to go on the hunt for more glorious sights in the form of vintage treasures and trinkets.

Since the Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio is specializing in goods from the 17th to 20th century, you are guaranteed to find the best products if you’re searching for silverware, ceramics, glass and homeware. With hundreds of vendors opening their stalls for you to sieve through, you could easily spend all day (or even two) soaking up the atmosphere and finding hidden gems in this antique bazaar. While the price tags aren’t particularly cheap, you can expect to find great quality items that won’t fail you.

After a long day of bartering, take advantage of the tantalizing tapas bars and restaurants that surround the area of San Marco. Try out Trattoria Al Gazzettino, an authentic and cozy restaurant with charm. Connoisseurs recommend the gnocchi appetizer to start, and it would be criminal to not order yourself a glass of wine – their selection is said to be fantastic. Teamo Wine Bar is another popular hangout spot with locals, it has a genuine and friendly atmosphere.

All in all, the Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio and the surrounding area has absolutely everything you need for a day of shopping and dining in true Venetian style.

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