Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival Midland

Held three times a year since 1968, Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival Midland welcomes nearly 1,000 antique dealers carrying vintage goods, antiques, collectibles & much more

Known as Michigan’s largest collection of antique and collectible dealers, Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival has been providing a premier shopping opportunity for collectors of all kinds since 1968.

Three times a year, nearly 1,000 antique dealers gather at the Midland County Fairgrounds to sell a selection of vintage goods, antiques, and collectibles, under dozens of marquees and 8 huge barns spread over 80 acres. The vendors selling at at Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival truly run the gambit and the event tends to be organized in such a way that shoppers are able to head for the area and goods that most appeal to them – however, endlessly browsing with no clear direction is also a perfectly acceptable way of enjoying an excellent market!

Besides antiques and collectibles, the Midland Antique Festival also hosts many special interest areas, like the Shabby Experience & Industrial Way (soft Shabby Chic pieces and heavy industrial items and hardware from across the Midwest), Vintage Bigtop (unique and high-end pieces and oddities), as well as coins, ephemera, Sports Memorabilia, Military and World War 2 items. A true second-hand-lover’s dream!

Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival truly celebrate all things local too. There is a Taste of Michigan & Shop Michigan building, featuring some of the finest Michigan-made products. There is also one of Michigan’s longest running car shows, with all kind of entertainment and prizes on offers.

The popularity of the original antique festivals in Midland has grown to such a degree that a second location hosting around 500 dealers has been open at the Springfield Oaks County Park in Davisburg (Northern Oakland County), for two select weekends a year.

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