Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Take in the mouth watering aromas and watch incredible local entertainment whilst seeing the sun slowly slide away and the stars come out dancing across the night sky

When looking for a multicultural, fascinating and memorable market, there are few better than the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Every Thursday and Sunday from April to October, this super cool and vibrant beach front market comes alive from 5pm and carries on until 10pm. Take in the mouth watering aromas and watch incredible local entertainment whilst seeing the sun slowly slide away and the stars come out dancing across the night sky.

At Mindil Beach Sunset Market there is a heavy focus on food in this sublime and inspiring setting. There are over 60 stalls offering exotic and national flavours inviting you to picnic on the beach with. A huge selection of Indonesian and Vietnamese food available, brings your mouth alive with flavour. Don’t miss the famous flaming satay stick from Bobby’s brazier for a perfect accompaniment to the tropical sunset.

Despite the scents and smells filling the night sky, food is not the only thing on offer at Mindil Beach Sunset Market. More than 130 vendors are ready to peddle their wares, selling exquisite handmade arts and crafts which make for ideal gift for friends or family. There are also a few clothing stalls which offer more colours than a rainbow and there is an extensive selection of fine jewelry with a local flavour attached.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market plays host to one of the most diverse markets in the whole of Australia and you can see the melting pot of creativity and culture in the variety of products on offer. Aboriginal artwork and fascinating artifacts can be found alongside wallets made from crocodile skin and delightful handmade pottery with Asian influence.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market has a great selection of high quality leather workers as well as exciting tailors offering interesting designs. If you visit this market once, the style you take home will make sure everyone knows about it. The market is a truly rare and wondrous experience.

Like the cuisine offered, the stalls combine and create a new mix of products influenced by the huge mix of people living in the Darwin. There are over 50 nationalities living in the area. With such a wide selection of influence to chose from, the ever changing mix of street entertainment, magicians and live music bring an eclectic and unique blend of action and festivities.

If you have had a long and tiring day, you can relax and listen to some traditional bush poetry and receive a well earned Thai massage before having your palm read and your future predicted.

It is highly recommended to bring a deck chair, try the food then shop around before settling on the beach as the sun begins to set and soak up the incredible atmosphere. The general items on sale will give you a lifetime of memories of one the most beautiful and perfect settings Australia can provide.

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