Mission Road Antique Mall (permanently closed)

Established in 1994, Mission Road Antique Mall boasts to display the largest selection of quality antiques and vintage furnishings in the Midwest of America, with more than 300 vendors spread over 48,500 square feet.

For those interested in antiques, Mission Road Antique Mall has to be on the list of places to spend an afternoon. It was established in 1994, and now boasts to display the largest selection of quality antiques and vintage furnishings in the Midwest of America. The space is huge, with more than 300 vendors spread over 4500 square meters (48,500 sqft) housed in individual showrooms, which makes for a delightful area to spend some time browsing.

The vendors in residence at Mission Road Antique Mall are selective in the goods that are on display and creative in the layout of their stalls. There are some antiques of real quality to be found in this mall, which makes it a must-see place for anyone with a qualified interest in these kinds of goods. The price does reflect the quality of items found here, which does mean that casual shoppers are often priced out of the runnings, but a wonderful time can still be spent strolling around the stalls as it does feel like one is visiting a museum here rather than a shopping mall.

The size of Mission Road Antique Mall can not be overstated. On entering, it can feel a little overwhelming and it certainly seems like it is possible to get lost within! The specialty here tends towards antique furnishings; however, there are also lamps and light fixtures, art, architectural elements, rugs, silver, glass, pottery, linens, quilts, books, and a rather impressive selection of antique and vintage jewelery. There are plenty of unique pieces to be found at Mission Road Antique Mall, and a nicely differing range of goods so if you visit regularly, there are always new items to see.

To help navigate the vast setting of Mission Road Antique Mall, there are excellent staff stationed at the front desk, who are really friendly, diligent, informative and always happy to answer any questions from visiting customers.

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