Mobberley Antique and Collector’s Fair

The Mobberley Antique and Collector's Fair which has been taking place since the late 80s has amassed an excellent reputation over this time due to the amazing quality of the goods on offer here, and thanks to the BBC's Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

Thanks to the BBC’s Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Mobberley Antique and Collector’s Fair is now considered quite a famous antique fair in the UK. It has been taking place here since the late 80s and has amassed an excellent reputation over this time due to the amazing quality of the goods on offer here, and the professionalism of the dealers that take part. It is a monthly affair throughout the year and one that collectors will definitely want to be a part of, at least once.

The organizers of Mobberley Antique and Collector’s Fair take an avid interest in the ever-changing world of antiques and collectibles and make every effort to ensure that their markets change with the trends. Therefore, they are able to offer collectors the most sought after items, and also keep these events fresh and appealing to all. With only around 40 vendors, the organizers are easily able to maintain the highest quality. It also means these fairs have a friendly and intimate vibe to them, and each visitor feels personally welcomed here.

With such wonderful items on display at Mobberley Antique and Collector’s Fair, it is easy to see why collectors and casual shoppers alike may keep on coming back month after month. Vintage jewelry collections can be found; also glassware, small and larger furniture items, sculptures and statues, artwork, mirrors, clocks, candlesticks, silverware, brooches and so much more. The mix of staunchly traditional pieces alongside items fitting current trends is what makes this market so special and appealing to all.

A large, free car park makes it all too easy to spend the whole day at Mobberley Antique and Collector’s Fair. There is also excellent catering on-site, so all a shopper’s refreshment needs are taken care of. An additional service provided at these fairs is that of brass-polishing, which has proved extremely popular over the years and is yet another reason to pop on down and enjoy this event.

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