Molloy’s Mega Antique Center

With over 3,500 square feet packed with unusual and wonderful items, Molloy’s Mega Antique Center is the perfect stop off in Auckland for anyone and everyone interested in New Zealand's history and cultural artefacts

With over 3,500 square feet packed with unusual and wonderful items, Molloy’s Mega Antique Center is the perfect stop off for anyone and everyone interested in the old days. What started as a personal passion for antiques and collecting grew into a fully fledged business. This outgrew its original premises in 2015, and since then has been the huge retail space that it now is. It just goes to show that it is not just the owners of this store that have a passion for antiques in Auckland. Antiquing is quite the popular past time, and this is the perfect location to pursue this passion.

The incredible collection within Molloy’s Mega Antique Center has been sourced over a lifetime of enthusiasm for the trade by the owners. It is quite something to behold. The store is well organized, and each area carries a different theme of antiques. It can definitely take more than a day to fully explore all the goods on display here, especially if you find out all there is to know about the different pieces from the helpful and friendly staff.

With New Zealand’s location in the Pacific, the owners of Molloy’s Mega Antique Center have a real interest in the peoples, culture, and history of Polynesia, Micronesia & Melanesia. Within the store are many interesting items and books relating to this region’s history, and cultural artefacts adorn many of the displays. On rather the other side of history, Victoriana is also a passion of the owners, and visitors can find many wonderful old items from the Victorian and Edwardian periods including lovely old original engravings, prints, books, and an impressive collection of piano sconces, door knockers, and candlesticks. These are just a few examples of the weird and wonderful items found here.

All in all, Molloy’s Mega Antique Center is one of the best places in Auckland to embark upon a real treasure hunt. After visiting once, locals are sure to become regulars!

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