Antique and Collectors Fair

Once a month, the Avondale Racecourse in Auckland hosts the Antique and Collectors Fair, New Zealand’s largest curated marketplace for vintage & antiques

Once a month, the Avondale Racecourse in Auckland hosts the Antique and Collectors Fair, New Zealand’s largest curated marketplace for vintage & antiques. This wonderful event takes place over a full weekend, with the Saturday being more dedicated to specific collectors and those with a qualified interest in all things antique. Appraisal services are also available on Saturdays. With hundreds of independent shops showcasing quality items, the Antique and Collectors Fair is one of the largest antique markets in New Zealand, and is most definitely worth noting the dates and hitting the stalls there.

The Antique and Collectors Fair has some areas that are undercover, and other stalls that set up outdoors. This makes it an antique market suitable for browsing whatever the weather, which is always important for an event that takes place all over the year. Organizers take care to ensure that there are things to do here for the whole family, not just those that are passionate about all things antique and collectable. This means a whole day can easily be spent at the Antique and Collectors Fair, browsing the stalls, enjoying the entertainment and making the most of the delicious snacks on offer.

Vendors at the Antique and Collectors Fair clearly enjoy their weekends here. They are very well informed about the collectables that they have for sale, and are happy to share their knowledge. This antique fair is just the perfect place for newbies to the collecting scene to start!

The items for sale at the Antique and Collectors Fair cover a wide range so there is sure to be something for everyone here. Shoppers will find all sorts of items from both New Zealand and further afield, Asian ceramics and New Zealand pottery, crockery and Victorian china, crystal glasses, vases and decanters, jewelry, musical instruments, vintage tools, dolls and other toys, cameras, furniture, all kinds of artwork including oil paintings and prints, textiles, kitchen accessories, radios, vinyl collections, carving, Kiwiana and a whole lot more. Items are priced fairly, and no matter your budget there will be something you can take away with you from this market.

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