No Name Vintage

No Name Vintage is one of the best stores in Göteborg for vintage lovers, and it is gaining popularity among local antiques and vintage collectors seeking a conversation starter for their home

No Name Vintage is one of the best stores in Göteborg for vintage enthusiasts. Located in the center of the city, it is easy to find and is gaining popularity among local antiques and vintage collectors. Despite its popularity, it keeps sparse opening times, so visitors will need to find the rare windows that the store does business. It is certainly worth it though, and when shoppers have peeked through these doors once they will find themselves coming back again and again.

The owners of No Name Vintage have an eye for high end, quality items and the store quickly gained a reputation for such in Göteborg. Because of this, most items showcased there don’t come cheap. But visiting customers, especially those with a qualified interest in vintage collectables, will agree that most prices reflect the value of the items. The goods in this store are updated and added to regularly, and new merchandise are advertised on social media. So there are always new treats to see even for regular shoppers.

No Name Vintage has a great selection of items from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Among the treasures are awesome furniture pieces, vintage clothing, sunglasses and other fashion accessories, vinyl records, lamps, musical instruments, toys, ornaments and plenty of curios. It is the perfect store for anyone seeking a conversation starter for their home. Though of course, it will be hard to stop at just one item!

One of the best things about shopping in No Name Vintage is finding out the hidden history behind the items for sale. The owners and staff in the store are incredibly knowledgeable about both the goods and the history of vintage in general, and they always have a story or two to share. No Name Vintage is a fun store for window shopping too, and indulging in a little nostalgia while doing so.

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