Göteborg's largest permanent antique and collectors' market, Antikhallarna is the perfect place to shop for anyone searching for interior design inspiration and collectable goods

Since 1975, the historic building that used to house one of the city’s bank, has been re-purposed to become home to Göteborg’s largest permanent antique and collectors’ market, Antikhallarna. The construction of this building was completed in 1905, although some major renovation works took place in 2012 in order to transform the building as it is today. It is the perfect location for such a major antiquing hub, and is increasingly popular in the world of vintage and collectable goods.

The 19th century building of Antikhallarna is impressive all of itself. It certainly stands out from its surroundings, and begs shoppers to come in and take a closer look at all it has to offer. Once inside, it continues to impress with the selection of antique and vintage items for sale. The store owners are clearly passionate about antiquing in their own right, and the items in Antikhallarna are obviously curated with care. Though the store is open almost every day, stock is often rotated so that even regular visitors will always have new things to see.

Antikhallarna is the perfect place to shop for anyone searching for interior design inspiration. The household section is fantastic, with large and small furniture pieces, drawers and cabinets, light fixtures and fittings, ornaments, artwork, clocks, candle sticks and so much more. There are also textiles, items for the kitchen, gardening tools, baskets, brass ware, glass ware and everything you could imagine for any room in the house.

Staff in Antikhallarna are full of knowledge regarding antiques in general and of course the items for sale in the store. Those that like to have a story behind items in the house are going to be spoiled for choice here. With unique items on every shelf, and the shelves themselves often antiques in their own right, it is almost impossible to leave Antikhallarna empty handed.

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