Old Petrie Town

Hosted in a picturesque setting, Old Petrie Town flea market sells a variety of beautiful handicrafts, old fashioned homewares, as well as vintage clothing and valued antiques.

What better place to root out those sought after old antiques than a 19th Century historical settlement. Colorful and quirky, Old Petrie Town offers the perfect backdrop for a spot of treasure hunting.

Sundays are market days. Interspersed between the stalls are a number of olde worlde shops such as an old fashioned lolly shop and a wood-fired bakery. The folksy atmosphere transcends into the multitude of desirable collectibles available. This charming old town provides an escape to the past and a relaxing stroll down memory lane.

Traditional and conventional, Old Petrie Town flea market sells a variety of beautiful handicrafts, old fashioned homewares, delicate and intricate pottery as well as vintage clothing and valued antiques. Ranging from the 19th to mid-century, there is a huge variety of furniture and relics on offer. Much more relaxed than your usual city market, it is definitely worth the trek to this magical old town.

The surrounding environment is enchanting, peaceful and serene. 300-year-old fig trees tower above providing the perfect shelter for a picnic. With such a picturesque setting it is hard not to fall in love with Old Petrie Town. Steeped in history and clothed in natural beauty, the popularity of the market is ever increasing.

Regular stalls at Old Petrie Town include ‘Coes Cottage’ – known as the place to find that special little gift for the person that has everything. ‘The Classic Shed Shop’ has everything you need to decorate your man cave or garden. ‘The Little Dress Shop’ has affordable clothing for all occasions and there is a fantastically stocked second-hand book store to enjoy. Along with the stalls selling their antiques and vintage curiosities, there are old pottery and blacksmith buildings where you can see how people worked the trade-in times gone by.

For all you music buffs, an on-site cafe called ‘The Rock And Roll Emporium’ is adorned with old posters of James Dean, Elvis Presley and the like along with old school jukeboxes and plenty of records to sift through.

A steam train museum is on-site for those interested in the development of the railway system, and once a month you can even take a ride. Along with this museum, probably the most popular tourist attraction is the ‘Pine Rivers Shire Museum’. Highlighting the ways of early settlers and the local history, there is also remnants of a World War II army camp. If you are traveling with children, they will be happily entertained in the interactive room with various physics experiments to play with.

Old Petrie Town is a jewel in the crown for history and antiques. A fascinating journey in an awe-inspiring setting. Public transport from the local train station is not available so it is handy to have your own car or book a taxi. Even better, add it to the list of places to stay by checking into the hotel within the grounds.

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