Palm Springs Vintage Market

Dubbed The Most Stylish Cities in America, Palm Springs is the go-to for vintage shopping and the perfect setting for the Palm Springs Vintage Market, a monthly haven for lovers of all things retro and vintage

As home to the world’s largest collection of intact Mid century Modernist architecture, Palm Springs is the go-to for vintage shopping. No wonder why “Mod Mecca” is dubbed by many designers The Most Stylish Cities in America. Contemporary visitors can still experience Palm Springs’ old-school atmosphere, forever frozen in time thanks to mindful architectural renovations, and a carefully curated flea market: the Palm Springs Vintage Market.

Taking place just once a month through half of the year, the Palm Springs Vintage Market is a haven for lovers of all things retro and vintage. Since it does not take place very often, locals and visitors to the area make the most of it whenever this vintage market is open for business. With space for up to 100 vendors, there is plenty for visitors to see and be tempted by. It is filled to the brim with vintage treats and craft work, and is definitely something that bargain enthusiasts will not want to miss. From a set of genuine Bertoïa wire chairs, to a Portable storage system by Joe Colombo or Louis Poulsen 1950s lighting fixtures, the quality and selection is unbeatable.

The creators of the Palm Springs Vintage Market have always had a soft spot for garage sales and thrift stores, and their enjoyment of such events shines through. Antiques and vintage are obviously something key to the area too, as this vintage market is incredibly well supported. Vendors are all friendly and knowledgeable, and the quality of goods is high. The organizers work hard to maintain these standards too, and counterfeit or inauthentic goods are quickly rooted out of the stands.

There is always almost too much to see at the Palm Springs Vintage Market. Retro and vintage items are everywhere, and having a walk through is allows for a simultaneous stroll down memory lane. A fair few quality antiques are also dotted around, and upcycled or reclaimed items are welcomed. This vintage market is a wonderful place for the whole family to visit, and those searching for inspiration for home decor will not leave here disappointed.

The Palm Springs Vintage Market takes place in a large space, open to the elements. The weather tends to be glorious in this area, so shoppers and stall holders should be prepared for a full day of sun! Comfy shoes are also advised, so that visitors can make the most of their visit and see as many of the wonderful items as possible.

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