Palm Springs Antique District

Famous for its mid-century modern architecture, design elements, and arts and cultural scene, Palm Springs is the perfect location for a spot of treasure hunting

It may not be the first thought to head into the middle of the desert in search of antiques and vintage collectables, but that is exactly where you will find Palm Springs Antique District. Palm Springs is a wonderful oasis in the heat, and is actually the perfect location for a spot of treasure hunting. The city is famous for its mid-century modern architecture, design elements, and arts and cultural scene.

In the early 1950s, architectural modernists flourished with commissions from the stars, using Palm Springs to explore architectural innovations, new artistic venues, and an exotic back-to-the-land experiences. No wonder the city has become well known over the years among those with a penchant for the historical and the wonderful, and antique enthusiasts are well advised to make a stop here.

Much of the antiques activity in Palm Springs Antique District is centered on Palm Canyon Drive and the adjacent roads. Such an eclectic range of stores line the sidewalks here that all shoppers are sure to find something they fancy. For those that simply must have all their antiques under one roof, The Sunny Dunes Antique Mall is the place to head to. With more than 40 independently owned stores and stalls under one roof, it is the place to go for a bit of banter and bargaining. It also houses one of the largest collections of vintage comic books in the area.

Native American and local history is well represented among the goods for sale in Palm Springs Antique District. The vintage clothing stores are nothing short of outstanding, and jewelery collections are literally dazzling. The Little Shop of Treasures is well worth a visit for such things, as is The Fine Art of Design. Store owners are obviously passionate about their collections, and many are well known curators and experts in their fields.

Palm Springs Antique District takes its love of retro a stage further for half of the year. Once a month, the Palm Springs Vintage Market sets up its stall here, and is an extremely well attended and popular event. Of course, all the stores are also open for business during these times, so it is the perfect time to over-indulge one’s vintage passions!

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