PCC Flea Market

For a friendly atmosphere, high quality antiques and a memorable day, visit the popular PCC flea market in Los Angeles which houses over 400 vendors.

The PCC flea market is situated on the Pasadena City College campus. It takes places on the first Sunday of every month, bringing customers from all over Los Angeles. Entry is completely free, which is fantastic considering so many flea markets charge for entry, especially larger markets. It costs $2 to park, but this money goes back into the college – so it’s for a worthy cause!

An entire section is dedicated to vinyl records, keeping die-hard music fans very happy. There are so many goodies to rummage through, such as old-fashioned toys, vintage knick knacks and odd ends, crockery, intricate jewellery, rustic furniture and kitsch 50’s style accessories. Another positive to the PCC flea market is that pets are welcome, as long as they are on their best behaviour, of course.

Vendors are willing to negotiate. You’re guaranteed to get yourself a great deal, as long as you’re not afraid to barter a little bit. It’s a well known fact that with most flea markets, the vendors will pack up early. However, at the PCC flea market nearly all of the sellers stay until 3pm, in fact some stay even longer. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, you will never feel rushed or stressed out.

Most of the vendors set up in the covered parking structure, which means the weather won’t ruin your vintage shopping experience. Customers keep coming back time and time again, this flea market has fine antiques, gorgeous vintage wares and an enticing environment.

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