Plac Nowy

Born in 1808, the Plac Nowy flea market has ever since been going strong, hosting more than 300 merchants all week long

Born in 1808, the Plac Nowy flea market has ever since been going strong. Every day, more than 300 merchants gather around the central rotunda – a former slaughterhouse – to sell fresh produce, wild critters, rabbits & pigeons (Tuesday and Friday morning), old clothes (Saturdays), as well as sweets and random rubbish.

However it’s on on Saturdays that things get interesting (antiques wise), as hundreds of old-time green market stalls are deployed on the market area to showcase an assortment of antiques, Soviet-era memorabilia, worn-out weapons and army uniforms, old household appliances, vintage jewelry, clothing, vintage cameras, books and even some hard-to-find porcelain figures and ceramics.

And after strolling the flea market, do not miss the opportunity to take a break at one of the many Bohemian cafés and food outlets that ring Plac Nowy, and which dispense the traditional zapiekanka, a baguette with various toppings. Most places on Pac Nowy are really cheap and even the expensive restaurants will do a two-course meal with drinks for two people for about 80 Zloties ($20 US).

Last but not least, for the most adventurous or the nightcrawlers, Plac Nowy turns into one of the best drinking destinations in town in the evenings, lined with atmospheric bars where travelers can enjoy a glass of the local Okocim or Zywiec beer, or a shot of Polish vodka.

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    1. Heute verkauft man auf dem Platz Nowy alle möglichen Waren. Ein Besuch hier ist sehr empfehlenswert, man kann wunderschöne Antiquitäten ergattern! Jeden Donnerstag reisen hier Taubenhändler an und jeden Sonntag findet hier ein Flohmarkt statt.

    2. Miejsce spotkań krakowskiej bohemy. Pchli targ. Świeże warzywa i owoce z organicznych farm. Antyki. Klimat knajpowo-rozrywkowy. Wszystko to tylko na Placu Nowym. Serce krakowskiego Kazimierza

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