Plac Targowy Unitard

Plac Targowy Unitard is famed as the biggest and best flea market in Krakow

Antique and flea markets throughout Poland offers wealth of cheap deals for hardcore collectors, world travelers and would-be treasure hunters weary of department stores that sell the same mass-produced products.

In Kraków, the best antiques, second-hand jumble and one-of-a-kind souvenirs can be found in Kazimierz, the city’s old Jewish district. The Saturday flea market is held in Plac Nowy and the Sunday flea market takes place in the Hala Targowa (Market Hall) on ul Grzegórzecka. And if your Polish is a little bit rusty, go with a local or come prepared with a pad of paper and a pen to haggle for the best price!

Locally known as the “Plac Targowy Unitarg” or “Halą Targową” (Market Hall in English), the square Fair on Grzegórzki is famed as the biggest and best flea market in Krakow. Located north-east of the Jewish quarter and ten-minute away on foot from the main square, it is known to all residents of the city from the youngest to the oldest, and gathers every weekend crowds of people – students, enthusiasts, seasoned antiques dealers, and tourists.

A food market during the week, the Plac Targowy Unitarg / Halą Targową becomes every Sunday from 6 a.m., a sprawling full-blown flea market of old world antiques, war memorabilia, Russian watches, Russian cameras, pirated DVD’s, vinyl records, paintings, antique furniture, computer parts, wood wagon wheels, old books, religious souvenirs & icons, vintage clothing, stolen bikes and pretty much anything you can dream of at a pretty affordable price.

People in Krakow tend to say that “if you can’t find something in a store, you will likely find it at the Hala”. This explains why each trip to this place is an exciting adventure, and why so many people flock to this flea market every Sunday.

It is strongly advised to show up early at the Hala Targowa flea market (remember that “the early bird gets the worm”) as Sunday is undoubtedly the best, but also the most crazy day of the week. Also, most merchants show up there shortly after dawn and start packing up between 15:00 and sunset. You’ll have to race against a ticking clock! But that’s a tiny price to pay to bring back an authentic piece of Polish history.

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  1. Plac Targowy Unitarg is locally known as Hala Targowa. There are markets there everyday, though Sunday is by far the best day to go. This is when the everyday grocery market transforms into a full-blown flea market. This is as close as you get to an authentic Polish market feeling in Krakow. Only a 10 minute walk from the old town center, and you are in antiques heaven. No one speaks any English here, but you can get a lot of the way with hand signs and a calculator. The flea market packs up around 2pm, so be there early. This is a great place to go before lunchtime.

  2. Polecam to miejsce. Pomimo, innych realiów, miejsce to zachowało swój unikatowy charakter. Trzeba tylko uważać na podróbki, których jest zatrzęsienie. Jednak gdy nie masz presji zakupów można miło spędzić czas.

  3. Worth a wander on a Sunday but also very crowded. Most items are specialty or housewares.

  4. The largest flea market in Krakow. Furniture, books, clothing, antiques, records, coins, medals, stuffed animals, porcelain, toys, soap, you name it. There is almost everything for everyone, from different eras. Things from the eighteenth / nineteenth century to the 90s.

    Be careful on goods coming from “weird” sources. Sometimes you hit something nice at a reasonable price, but usually the seller knows the real value of what he’s selling…

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