Portland Flea

Hosting up to 40 vendors specialized in vintage wares, Portland Flea is the place to find all kinds of second hand and kitsch items, as well as local food to enjoy on the spot and take home

Portland Flea is a haven for those that wish to shop local. It is a beautiful, smaller flea market with up to 40 vendors gathering monthly to share their wares and celebrate each other and their surroundings. As well as the second hand and the kitsch, this is also the place to find all kinds of local food, to enjoy on the spot and also to take home. Portland Flea is hugely supported by the local community, and also sees visitors come from afar to hunt for bargains and enjoy the ambiance.

While its roots are in thrift and salvage, Portland Flea now has many vendors that have carefully curated their goods and specialized in vintage wares. Collectors will have a field day here, and the smaller size means that all stalls can be easily browsed in a morning and then offers made as the day goes on. Those after more typical, bargain-bucket flea market items may not find a huge amount to chose from here, but vintage enthusiasts will have a field day.

Prices at Portland Flea tend to reflect the quality of the goods on offer. They are not always the cheapest, but vendors are happy to chat about their goods and offer great prices to interested shoppers. The joy of such markets is the ability to handle the goods and find out the stories behind them, and vendors here have plenty to tell. Visitors should take their time, enjoy the atmosphere and take the chance to find out as much as possible about the unique and amazing items found here.

Portland Flea does not have so many larger items for sale, such as furniture pieces. Rather, it has wonderful vintage clothing collections, jewelry and brooches, dishes and china ware, textiles and rugs, prints and pictures, plant pots and much more. A wonderful day can be spent here, so head on over for all your vintage needs!

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