Puces de Montsoreau

Montsoreau is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, and its monthly antique market takes full advantage of the idyllic setting and makes it all too easy to grab a souvenir of a lovely day spent.

In Montsoreau, the Sunday market is where a lot of the weekly action takes place, and is a must for locals to visit and shop at. This is not a tourist market, but rather a genuine reflection of present day French village life. Once a month, this regular market transforms into the Puces de Montsoreau or Montsoreau Flea Market, stretching along the banks of the river Loire. Montsoreau is quaint and beautiful, and the flea market reflects this, adding extra charm to an already-lovely place to visit.

Montsoreau is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France and since 1993 the Puces de Montsoreau takes full advantage of the city scenery. With the backdrop of the historic castle, the streets  and gardens full of flowers (depending on the season) and the river meandering through, Montsoreau is an idyllic setting to enjoy a walk and to spend a day. The addition of the Montsoreau flea market is the icing on the cake and makes it all too easy to grab a souvenir of a lovely day spent.

The kind of goods on sale at the Puces de Montsoreau are quite wide ranging. There is plenty of kitsch to be found, but also some quality antiques too, and serious collectors regularly make their way to this monthly event to see what treasures are available. There is household furniture, glass ornaments, candelabras, art work, books, toys and many other collectables – certainly enough stuff to keep anyone and everyone entertained and tempted to spend!

Prices at the Puces de Montsoreau are pretty reasonable, so it is certainly a market where bargains can be found and made. Stall holders are incredibly friendly and the overall atmosphere is really welcoming. Vendors are happy for interested shoppers to answer all kinds of questions, and of course enter into a good bargaining session if it is clear that money is going to be spent. There are plenty of spots to grab drinks and refreshments too, and make the day all the more enjoyable.

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