Ratchada Train Market

The same convivial night bazaar feel, antiques curios and street food as Talad Rot Fai, but more central

Due to its ongoing success, Talad Rot Fai is now spreading to more locations. Inaugurated back in January 2015, Ratchada Train Market is not as big as the original Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market but it shares the same artsy vibe, sells more retro gear and also offers tasty snacks to enjoy while strolling the flea market. Above all, the new Ratchada Train Market is located in an area of the city that is much easier to access thanks to the nearby Cultural Centre MRT Underground Station.

Because it is more central and compact, the Ratchada Train Market is particularly appealing to those who wish to spontaneously pop in for a spot of browsing, four times a week.

The market is split into long avenues with antiques, secondhand toys, and kitsch curios found in the central few avenues. On the periphery, there is a combination of more general market type clothes, shoes, handbags, and plenty of snack stalls. Up towards the back end of the market are a row of bars, with VW Vans pumping out a mixture of Thai and western pop tunes, and adorned with fairy lights. Everyone is very friendly and conversation flows easily between tables.

Located on Ratchadaphisek Road (much closer from downtown Bangkok), within a few minutes walk from Thailand Cultural Center MRT Underground Station, Ratchada Train Market is very easy to reach.

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    3 reviews

    1. You can find all sorts of things in this market (clothes, vintage furniture and scooters, bicycles, etc…). The ambiance is lively with live music playing pretty much everywhere and blending together after a while. If you don’t arrive too late, you can find a seat at one of the many bars at the end of the market and enjoy a few drinks whilst listening to the music. Towards the beginning of the market, you can also find loads of food stalls with many different types of food. Just stay away from the disgusting burgers and stick to the local stuff!

    2. Interesting vibe with many locals going for chilling at pubs, cafes and several pubs had live band. Not much shopping actually unless you are into picking something vintage or restored to decorate your place. Beautiful restored pieces and they had a huge shed with vintage automobile.

    3. This night market is easily accessible by underground, but is not as varied as my favourite Train Market at Srinakarin. There are market stalls with a wide range of new clothes, shoes, accessories and other small goods at cheap prices. Unlike the Srinakarin branch, there are not many second-hand goods, and there’s no furniture for sale either.

      All over the market there are many food and snack food stalls, little bars with terrace and the mandatory Rod’s restaurant with live music. Little outside barbers shops cater for those with a sharp hairstyle.

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