Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair

The Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair has been held for more than 40 years, and is still today considered the highlight for lovers of Art, Antiques, Interior and Design in Denmark and abroad

The Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair has been held for more than 40 years. And since it is located close to the German border, this event has a strong international feel to it. Taking place just twice in the year, the Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair is a fantastic show that will have serious collectors watching their diaries in order not to miss the next one. Each edition of the Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair lasts for four days, which is plenty of time to have a good look around and ensure that no bargains have been overlooked.

The Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair spreads out over 3000 square meters, and the exhibition space is shared between not more than 60 carefully picked dealers. This makes for some impressive displays, and it is like walking around many individuals, small shops rather than a fair made up of stalls. Vendors come from Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and other neighboring countries. So visitors will hear a few different languages being spoken here and of course, English is also widely understood. This means tourists will have no problems navigating the vendors, asking questions about the good and of course, bargaining for the best price!

The motto of the Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair is “Past trends – today’s inspiration”. With a focus on interior design and household pieces, anyone who is thinking about redecorating their home and looking for inspiration will have a field day at this event. There are stunning antique pieces of furniture for sale here, in addition to artwork, vintage garments, jewelry, silverware, ornamental items, glassware, modern design, fine arts, and collectibles.

The Rødekro Arts & Antiques Fair certainly has plenty to offer serious collectors and antiques’ aficionados, in terms of items of course and also knowledge from the vendors with regards to their goods. Since there are not hundreds of vendors, it can also be a great fair for networking and getting to know those in the business who may be local to you. Therefore, paths may be opened to sourcing much-desired treasures in the future.

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