Route 90 – 50 Mile Garage Sale

From California to Canada, the long-running Route 90 - 50 Mile Garage Sale in upstate New York attracts vintage lovers from 26 states to hunt for antiques and collectibles

Nestled in New York’s Finger Lakes region, Route 90 – 50 Mile Garage Sale pairs wine trails with yard sales. Vineyards cast a romantic setting for this highway yard sale along Route 90, a New York State Scenic Byway. The annual event occurs the last full weekend in July and spans from Montezuma in the north to the Village of Homer at the southern end.

Claim dibs on favored finds by being first in line. Official hours for the sale are 9 am to 5 pm each day, rain or shine. Arguably one of the longest running organized highway yard sales in the United States, the Route 90 – 50 Mile Garage Sale began in 1987.

According to local legend, the sale got its start when a Cayuga County resident sold everything displayed on his front lawn. Not only did passersby shop the yard, but they also barged into his barn. Eager lookers purchased old farm equipment and hand tools. Thus began the upstate New York rummage sale.

And the tradition of homeowner turned merchant continues. According to one private seller’s count, visitors from 26 states and Canada trek to Route 90 for the roadside sales. As the founders state, expect “everything imaginable from antique andirons to zebra prints and loads of other unexpected delights.” Travelers along the garage sale route can also find antique dolls and toys, vintage radios, and various collectibles.

The Route 90 – 50 Mile Garage Sale is an ideal environment for antiquing alfresco. Garage sale hunters can unwind with a winery tour. Or, patrons can also indulge in the Cortland County’s Ice Cream Trail. Sale-goers can indeed scoop up a little bit of everything. As far as highway yard sales go, historic Route 90 is a treat for gal pals and vintage enthusiasts alike.   

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