Rozelle Collectors Market

Rozelle Collectors Market is the perfect bargain hunters paradise for both serious collectors and those looking to redecorate on a budget

Rozelle Collectors Market – despite its age and popularity – has managed to keep hold of its traditional values and atmosphere. Every weekend this bargain hunters paradise opens its doors and gives its visitors the chance to discover something truly amazing.

Rozelle Collectors Market is located a short walk from Balmain’s famous and historic pubs and cafes and the jostling and bustling atmosphere around the area is evident as soon as you arrive. The proud locals call this place a true flea market. Everything from vintage clothing, unusual bric-a-brac and antique homewares are on offer here. It is the perfect location for both serious collectors and those looking to redecorate on a budget.

Set in the grounds of Rozelle School in Sydney’s inner west, Rozelle Collectors Market has an almost garage sale vibe about it. However, this should not discredit the quality of items the vendors are selling. Some of the stall holders have been ever present at this market for over a decade. Eccentric and creative – these sellers are always happy to regale you with the history of the antiques you are viewing.

Twice a week, over 100 stalls ready to offer you the next big bargain. From 9am visitors begin to arrive and the streets are bustling by eleven. Buskers fill the air with acoustic music, providing entertainment for all. Alongside the regular market stalls are your tradition flea market food vendors. One of the mainstays of this delightful venue is a Mediterranean stall, highly recommended by its regulars this is an excellent way to reload or to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

As with all flea markets, there is an array of ‘trash or treasure’ on offer. Rozelle Collectors Market delivers the perfect mix of antique, vintage, used and new. People decluttering their homes offer you the chance to find that kitchen utensil you have always needed. It is worth while searching through these stalls with your eyes wide open as hidden deep there is sure to be something you desire. Rozelle Collectors Market gives you the feeling that just around the corner is a dusty preloved antique ready to be discovered.

In addition to the usual stores, Rozelle Collectors Market plays host to some truly remarkable and unique specialist shops from emerging and talented designers. ‘John Shepherdson’s Light Industrial Stall’ is the perfect place to visit if you seek a trendy and rare lamp for your home. Handcrafted from old theatre lamps or parts of computers, these stunning pieces will brighten up any room.

The area is known for its craft and ingenuity, and this is clear to see with the range of designer jewelry and clothing on offer too. Mixed in with the rare and tasteful vintage items are a number of young designers offering a stunning range of summer dresses and trendy new pieces. Visit Rozelle Collectors Market whilst they are still relatively unknown to grab a true style bargain.

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