Sydney Collectables & Antiques Fairs

Sydney Collectables & Antiques Fairs takes you on a journey through time as you gaze upon a plethora of beautiful retro clothing, age old and decorative antiques.

Its time to dust off your shelves and make space in your wardrobe – Sydney’s Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair is open for business. On the first Sunday of every month, Sydney’s best kept secret comes to town ready to amaze all that visit.

Over 150 sellers descend to the Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair each month, bringing with them a plethora of beautiful retro clothing, age old and decorative Georgian and Edwardian antiques along with spectacular Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture. There are thousands of items on offer over two floors – do not forget to visit downstairs – in this wonderful air conditioned function centre.

The Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair is into its tenth year and shows no sign of slowing down. This market is certainly a cut above the rest. Packed full of specialist dealers and enthusiastic sellers, the usual array of junk and bric-a-brac is replaced with high quality wares from all ages. Victorian artifacts sit alongside 80s retro whilst real vintage clothing hangs next to pre century artwork.

This market is the perfect location to find Royal Doulton and other valuable antique items. The Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair takes you on a journey through time as you gaze upon all the wonders of the world. Musical instruments from the time of Kings are littered throughout the hall along with War memorabilia and other important and historical artifacts.

Doors open at 9 am for normal customers ($6 general admission, $5 seniors) and 8 am for early birds ($10 admission). As soon as you arrive there is a genuine buzz of excitement. Visitors rush the the doors to see what is on offer and find their treasures before anyone else. First time visitors are amazed by the variety of products on offer. The quality is what people come back for.

Vintage clothing is at the Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair in abundance. There is a fantastic mix of elegant and unusual – the perfect spot to find an interesting new evening dress or a classic yet offbeat shirt. There are endless rows of polished and sparkling Sterling silver jewelry as well as more subtle and highly sought after earrings and bracelets.

Most of the regular stallholders offer a bit of something for everyone. Sydney Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair is nothing but diverse. Oriental pottery as well as famous Australian pieces of the highest quality inspire a vision to take home. There are plenty of art deco pieces to please the fans, and enough works of art to fill a gallery.

Still undiscovered by many vintage fans, the Collectibles, Vintage & Antiques Fair comes extremely recommended by its regular visitors and stallholders. It is advised to get down as early as possible and bring along plenty of cash. This market is guaranteed to grow, amaze and delight.

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