Runway Monday at Newark Antiques and Collectors Fair

Runway Monday at Newark Antiques and Collectors Fair is a one-day home and shop for more than 600 vendors offering to sell their collections that they have gathered from throughout Europe

Runway Monday at Newark has been successfully running since its move from Swinderby Airfield in April 2015. The short, sharp format of the antiques and collectors fair has continued to prove popular in it’s new home adjacent to the Newark Air Museum and the Newark & Nottinghamshire Showgrounds.

Six times each year the International Antiques & Collectors Fairs (IACF) arranges for the site to be the one-day home and shop for more than 600 vendors offering to sell their collections that they have gathered from throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and some of the nearby northern European countries. In fact, some dealers come as far as Germany, France and the Netherlands, with huge truck and trailer loaded with household furnishings and furniture for the fair.

Offerings at Runway Monday are diverse, with antiques from the Fifteenth Century all the way forward to the mid-1950s Modern, and there are some reproductions allowed in pine furniture and ornamental cast metal furniture for the garden. Large, semipermanent tents are usually the first to fill up, as the dealers in the four interconnected units generally offer small antiques like  vintage fashions & jewellery, Nautical navigation and engineering equipment, textiles and home decor. The quality of items sold at this fair is usually high and vendors tend to be knowledgeable about what they’re selling.

All in all, the great appeal of the Runway Monday at Newark Antiques and Collectors Fair lies in the huge amount of choice for every conceivable collecting taste, from traditional to offbeat.

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    1. The greatest experience for collectors… for Film Set Decorators, for dealers and anyone who is interested in the unusual , the wonderful , the ordinary, collectibles and almost anything.

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