Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair

The largest event of its kind in Europe, which enjoys the distinction of being included in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, as the ultimate of treasure hunting grounds 

The huge and longstanding Newark International Antiques and Collectors flea market enjoys the distinction of being included in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, and is considered the ultimate of treasure hunting grounds (the largest event of its kind in Europe).

Held every other month at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground on an enormous 84-acre site, up to 2,500 stands attract thousands of dealers from across Europe, North America and Asia who, along with domestic buyers and collectors, make regular pilgrimages here for some serious purchasing.

The atmosphere is lively and busy; there is a buzz here, a feeling of energy. This is a compact and crowded flea market, with vendors in a number of buildings around the showground site as well as in marquees, or exposed to the elements outside. Fortunately, is also a well-organised event, with facilities and services aimed at making your visit a smooth and enjoyable one.

The great appeal of the Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair lies in the huge amount of choice for every conceivable collecting taste, from traditional to offbeat.

In addition to fine decorative antiques and collectibles – china, glassware, silver, paintings, jewelry – the flea market features rustic items and unique signature pieces – gardenware, metal advertising signs, wicker chairs, industrial lighting, distressed metal cabinets, stained glass windows — sought after by home decor professionals and enthusiasts. The quality is usually high and vendors tend to be knowledgeable about what they’re selling.

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    2 reviews

    1. Huge selection of everything you could ever imagine and more little smaller than it used to be in the ‘hay day’ of collecting and vintage look but always has a surprise or two and great for hunting out that elusive item. Always on my list. Check IACF’s website for dates, as they do vary from year to year.

    2. A really enjoyable and well organized event. Does get busy at times but a great atmosphere and very worth a visit. Lots of stalls and antiques, certainly one of my favorite fairs

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